Band Bio


Someday Radio is a band based in Delray Beach Florida and Westchester, NY.
Members include brothers Mike Dwyer, Tom Dwyer, Pete Dwyer along with keyboardist Susie Leblang, Artie Walker Bassist , Tito Wilson Drums and  Mike Dwyer is the engine that drives this band engaging the crowd and creating a memorable experience ...The band is known for their exciting live shows and great range of music. Covering Tom Petty, U2, The Killers, to Johnny Cash as well as their own soaring songs, Like a Wave, On the beach, Last Night. The bands debut album is available on iTunes and streaming platforms. 
This year the band is poised to release their second studio album and begin a tour of the East Coast which takes them from New York to Boca Raton, South Florida.




Everyone is given the chance to love and be there for someone.

We're absolutely loving it. We're at a point in our lives where we see what we have and where we've come from. And the road it took to get here -- But all of that stuff has made this moment so much sweeter for us. We get on stage with the most amount of gratitude we've ever had, and that's the greatest way to perform.

Someday Radio formed in 2004 
If you’ve been at a Someday Radio show you know it’s a night that you’ll remember.
Dancing on stage with these guys and singing right along with the songs we all love.
From DaDa in Delray Beach, Fl. and The Dubliner in Mizner Park, Boca Raton. To private parties in New York, San Francisco, Boston & Florida. Our band gives what it gets from their audiences, good vibes. While performing songs by their favorite bands, and music from their 2010 album, this band loves to live in the moment!  

Someday Radio has been working on songs for a new album and hopes to have it ready for release soon. Checkout for listings of upcoming shows and photos. You may see yourself!